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We Beheld Once Again the Stars (Z. Randall Stroope, Dante Alighieri)

Welcome to All the Pleasures (H. Purcell, C. Fishburn)

What for (J. Lūsēns, G. Račs, arr. A. Plezers)

Winter Wonderland (F. Bernard, arr. P. Colls, R. B. Smith)

With a Lily in Your Hand (E. Whitacre, F. G. Lorca)

Witness (traditional spiritual, arr. J. Halloran)

Wo ist ein so herrlich Volk (J. Brahms, Deuteronomy, 4:7,9)

Wolves of the Sea (C. Andreasson, J. Liberg, J. Sahlen, T. Wassenius, arr. M. Pētersone)

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