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Choir “Sōla” of the Latvian Academy of Culture was founded in 1998. The choir’s artistic director is Kaspars Ādamsons, working together with conductors Jēkabs Jančevskis and Jānis Pēlmanis, as well as the vocal coach Saiva Treide . “Sōla” creative biography includes concerts with programs of various genres and styles, as well as cooperation with other groups of performers in diverse musical projects and charity events. “Sōla” regularly takes part in choir competitions and festivals both in Latvia and abroad, thus promoting Latvian choir music traditions beyond the country’s borders. In addition to various accomplishments and awards in national and international choir competitions “Sōla” has also released several CD recordings and was in 2015 nominated for the Latvian Music Records Award 2014 in category “Best Vocal and Choir Music Album”.


Today is the birthday:
Zane Bitmane 2. soprāns