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The Origination of „Sõla”

By Krista Raupa (in the photo), a chorister from 1998 till 2005:

The choir was just founded. It was a beautiful early autumn day and I was crossing the Salu Bridge over the river Daugava on my way to the Latvian Academy of Culture. The warm autumn sun had started to appear through the mist over the river and, seeing the scenery, I came to think of Gunārs Janovskis’ double novel „SÕLA. Dawn Mist on the Trent”. I knew we would be discussing the title of the new choir that day, and this word – „Sõla” – somehow stayed with me. „Sõla” sounds comprehensive, yet short-spoken and neat, sonorous and musical. „Sõla” can stand for a sound, a soloist, a solo, an „O Sole Mio”... Furthermore, it means nothing in particular, yet is easy to pronounce in any language. So, I suggested it – I simply liked the sound of this word. Besides, every time the choir is announced on stage, its title resonates beautifully and seems just perfect for the choir.