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“Sola” calls out to donate 15 lats!

At the end of June choir “Sōla” will set forward to America to take part at the greatest gathering of choirs from all around the globe. “Sōla” will participate in three categories of the World Choir Games, sing at a special representation concert “Musica Sacra” arranged by the competition organizers, as well as give a special performance at the presentation of Riga – host of the next World Choir Games 2014.
The costs for the participation at the World Choir Games are considerable, thus the choir asks for corporate donations.

Our present supporters include: The U.S. Embassy in Riga, Ltd. "STABILS PROJEKTS" (special thanks to Viktors Grūtups), Ltd. "NILDA" (special thanks to Kārlis Cerbulis), Ltd.  "OTA UN PARTNERI", "KALJO FIN SOFTWARE CONS", Gunta Rubene, Māris Kilups and Mārcis Ceļmillers! However, the support of 250 companies is needed altogether.

If your company is successful and profit-earning, you will find it advantageous to make a donation, because on April 14, 2010, the foundation “sola.lv” was granted the status of a public benefit organisation, thus the foundation is entitled to receive donations from both legal and natural persons, and the donators, in their turn, are eligible for a tax deduction, as stipulated by the legislation.

1) Donating LVL 100, you will actually spend only LVL 15, because LVL 85 will be returned to you as a deduction of the Corporate Income Tax;
2) What comes around, goes around – your name will become known to our concert, webpage and social network visitors and followers;
3) You will help fulfil the singers’ dream – to represent Latvia at the World Choir Games, which is the most eminent choir event on Earth!

Donators – natural persons are eligible for regaining 25 % of the donated amount in form of a repayment of personal income tax overpayment. A tax deduction is applicable to an amount, which does not exceed 20 % of the person’s taxable income.

Foundation “sola.lv” requisites:

Reg. No. 40008153647
Legal address: Kalnciema street 101-23, LV-1046
Bank: Swedbank
Bank Account No. LV23HABA0551027840349


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