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At the 12th International Choir Competition Tallinn 2011 Sōla participated in three out of eight categories, performing compositions of both Latvian and foreign composers. The choir was musically prepared by its artistic director Kaspars Ādamsons, its conductors Kaspars Vēvers and Rūdolfs Bacāns, as well as its vocal pedagogue Ilze Bērziņa. Kaspars Ādamsons revealed: „Although the competition took place in Estonia, our neighbouring country, it was one of the greatest musical challenges for Sōla during the 12 years of the choir's existence. Successfully, we managed to withstand this challenge.”
At the competition Latvia was also represented by the Riga Dom Cathedral Choir School Girl's Choir, which won the children's choir category, and girl's choir „Vivace”, becoming the second place winner of the same category. The mixed choir category and the contemporary music category included also „Swedbank choir” - the second place winner of both the aforementioned categories. For more details on the results, see the competition web page.

The international choir competition of Tallinn takes place every second year. This time 35 choirs and 7 vocal ensembles participated in it, coming from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, the Ukraine and the United States. Sōla took part in the competition in 2003 already, led by Valdis Butāns at that time, and won the first place in the mixed choir category as well.

Being the Best Not Only in Tallinn

This pre-Easter week has been a kind of an evaluation time for Sōla not only in Tallinn, but in Riga as well. The choir found out the results of the choir audition within the Riga Choir Month, learning that it has become the honourable winner of the Riga mixed choir group.

Future Plans

After the well-deserved Easter holiday break the choir will start to get ready for the exam concert of its conductors (performing together with the progressive rock band „Holy Lamb”), the student song festival „Gaudeamus” in Vilnius, giving a performance at the opening concert and thus representing Latvia, as well as for the Riga festival in August, joining other excellent Riga and Latvian choirs to celebrate the 810th anniversary of our capital city.


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